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A Scientific Awakening

What happens when you step outside the normal boundaries of reality? What happens when you are forced out of your subjective consciousness and into a more objective view of the world? It turns out that what CAN happen is a deep communion with all living things and a deeper understanding of the true nature of reality.

Understanding? To what end? Peace of mind and the alleviation of suffering. Seeing things correctly in the abstract realm allows us to solve concrete problems.

I’m calling this collection of writings my “scientific awakening” but I could just as easily call it my “realization of the objective nature of reality” or something of the like. I say “scientific” mainly in reference to the objective nature of my (relatively) new understanding. The scientific process being the best tool the human race has discovered so far for solving complex problems and discovering the underlying processes that rule this universe. As it so happens, the human mind provides us with a highly subjective experience, an experience that cannot be properly understood without an eye to the objective realm. A realm that does not actually exist, but actually a realm that accurately describes everything that does exist.

Since I was a young child I have been thrust into countless situations where I have been ripped out of my subjective consciousness and into a heightened state of reality. The main catalyst for this was my undiagnosed Social Anxiety Disorder. This disorder of the mind often heightened the sensitivity of my subjective consciousness to the point where my mind was pushed somewhere else, seamingly into a completely different realm of reality. A place where I was constantly forced to ask WHAT is happening? WHY? Why do I feel like this? Why is this happening? These are questions I hid in my heart for a long time and the answers were a long time coming, but they have arrived and I will share some of the answers I have found in the hopes that they will help you, the reader. So I invite you to step outside of your highly subjective consciousness, if only for a short while.

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