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Craig Ferguson: Recovering Alcoholic

Thomas, writer on the blog “the quiet voice”, recently posted some thoughts on alcohol and immorality.  It made me think of Craig Ferguson, host of the late night talk show “The Late Late Show” on CBS here in America.  I love comedians mostly for their courage and honesty and a few years ago Craig had a very honest moment with his audience about his problems with alcohol:

Some of my favorite quotes from the video:

I’ve been sober for 15 years, there is absolutely no way I have a drinking problem.  I don’t have a drinking problem!  I have a thinking problem.

I’m not advocating temperance.  I’m saying this is for me.  If I could drink I would drink, but I can’t.  You can say to me “drink responsibly”, and I’ll say “I’ll try”.  But I can’t.  Certain types of people can’t drink, I’m one of them.  You have to be responsible for your actions, sick or well.  You have to be responsible for your actions, you just have to be!  All of us are accountable.  It’s your responsibility to deal with the condition that you have in whatever way you can.

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