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Get Arrested

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few months you’ve surely heard that an Arrested Development movie is coming out next year along with a series of shows on Netflix.  For those who have never seen Arrested Development, it is quite possibly the funniest TV show of all time.  Clever, original, witty, silly, charming and endlessly self-referencing.  I did not discover it until about four years ago when a friend at work recommended the show to me.  I could not believe that I missed it during its original series run, which says a lot about Fox’s horrible marketing of the show.  No matter, it’s on DVD and Netflix now so enjoy!

Some great moments from the show:

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Bill Maher Unbaptizes Mitt Romney’s Father-in-law

Here is a great video clip from Bill Maher’s HBO Show “Real Time” where Bill performs an “unbaptism” for Mitt Romney’s dead father-in-law.  Romney’s father-in-law was a dyed in the wool atheist and scientist who was posthumously baptized into the Mormon church.  The Mormon’s believe that when an unbeliever dies they cannot participate in the kingdom of God.  However, the dead can be posthumously baptized which gives their immortal soul the choice to participate in this eternal “kingdom”.

From the Mormon perspective, this is a loving and important service for dead souls.  If you’re in the Mormon bubble it’s an act of love.  If you’re outside the bubble it’s crazy and just a little bit creepy.  Oh, and it’s also deeply disrespectful of the memory of the person who in no way endorsed the beliefs of your religion.  Luckily Bill Maher comes to the rescue to help out one of the victims: Read the rest of this entry

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