My Philosophy

Let’s keep this simple.  After thirty years on Earth, here is my basic philosophy:

  1. Wisdom comes from the variety of human experience.
  2. Wisdom comes from suffering.
  3. The “long reach of the status quo” holds tremendous sway in our lives.
  4. To understand this world, and everything in it, you have to understand bottom-up design.
  5. We accept the world that is presented to us, until we have dramatic experiences that force us to question our preconceived notions.
  6. Spending time outdoors enjoying nature is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself, mentally and physically.
  7. We need all kinds of minds in this world.  Introverted, extroverted, autistic, artistic, scientific, conservative, liberal, idealistic, practical, etc.  Everyone needs to understand their own value and the value that others bring to the world.
  8. We all need to spend more time understanding, and less time judging.
  9. There’s a lot of good in the bad, and a lot of bad in the good.  People and experiences are rarely all good or all bad.

Please Share Your Thoughts

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